Food, Agro & Water Testing

offers a wide range of scientifically managed food analysis and testing facility, consulting services on a global basic.

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Mobile Testing Laboratory

has developed a fully equipped mobile TESTING LABORATORY with inbuilt environmental controlled conditions in order to facilitate on site laboratory testing.


Water Testing

Water is essential for life. Clean and quality water is an essential requirement for sustenance of life. But many variables affect the quality of water.

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GHOUSE, is a part of Consulting Engineer (GHOUSE), which is a well known many organization working worldwide and supported by qualified and professional engineers, technicians and many more experts. GHOUSE follows a well-structured quality assurance and quality management system to carry out various types of agro testing services.

GHOUSE expanded its services in 2018 for food & pakages drinking water. A wide range of chemical services are provided for various food produts like milk and dairy products, edible oil, spices and cereals, pulses products, canned and processed food, alcoholic drinks and beverages, and nuts & peanuts.

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Testing Slab for Agro Product

Cost of sample
Qty. req.
Solid testing (include grain & pulses etc)
Rs. 20000
liquid testing (include honey,water,milk etc)
Rs. 15000

Testing slab other than
Agro product

Cost of sample
Rs. 30000
Rs. 37000

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